Four Great Places To Eat When You’re Traveling Iowa City

Four Great Places To Eat When You’re Traveling Iowa City

Take charge of your Iowa City dining experience by visiting one of these top picks. You will have done your research beforehand. I am about to give you the names of four excellent restaurant choices in Iowa City. Then you and yours can make your way to a restaurant that is sure to delight.

Joensy’s Restaurant is located at 2563 North Dodge Street, and is is known for serving up delicious pork tenderloin. It is said to be crispy and savory. You can order it up with fries and slaw or have it however you like. If you’re in the mood for pork tenderloin especially, this is the place to go in Iowa City. People say that there are other great menu items, too.

What about Mexican cuisine? Well, I reviewed one great restaurant in Iowa City earlier, and now I’m going to tell you about another one, El Banditos. El Banditos is located at 327 East Market Street. It is a great place to enjoy a breakfast burrito. Not all Mexican restaurants serve up breakfast, so that’s good to know. Reviews point to the fact that the food is great, and so are the margaritas.

Maggie’s Farm is a great place to order up a wood fired pizza and more. Fish stew is also a popular menu favorite? Have you ever enjoyed fish stew? I can’t say that I have, so this menu item definitely intrigued me. You can enjoy some excellent pizza and more when you make your way to Maggie’s Farm in Iowa City.

We already talked about one great Mexican food pick, and here comes another one. It’s called Estela’s Fresh Mex, and the location for the dining establishment is 184 East Burlington Street. Order up tacos and burritos, including breakfast burritos. So now you have two places where you can find delicious breakfast burritos in Iowa City. Estela’s Fresh Mex is said to be a wonderful family business in the area.

That’s four of Iowa City’s best restaurants on display for you. Does one of them seem like the place you’re looking for right now? If so, stop on by with your family. There are great meals to be enjoyed in Iowa City, and these four wonderful restaurants are excellent examples of what all you will find when you look around. Now you know you’re going to eat well, and you just might end up making it to more than one of these great places to eat.